9 Essential Home Maintenance Products For New Home Buyers


Written by Greg Flanders

While purchasing a home is considered by many to be the American Dream, not many folks dream of the work and responsibility required to maintain such a significant investment. There is no substitute for hard work but there are tools and products designed to help keep your home looking beautiful on the outside and well-functioning on the inside. Home maintenance specialists know the power of these products and recommended nine simple purchases to help protect and maintain your home for years to come.

Caulk – a commonly found waterproof adhesive – has an uncommonly large range of household uses. Use Gorilla brand caulk to seal air leaks near windows and doors, create water-tight seals around showers, bathtubs and toilets and even fix cracks in your driveway or foundation.

The exterior of your home may get the attention, but the inner workings of your home require just as much care.  BioWonder septic and drain treatment saves you time and money by keeping your home’s pipes, drains and plumbing system running smoothly, cleanly and odor-free.

CLR Pro provides industrial strength cleaning yet is a water-based, non-toxic biodegradable formula.  Strong enough for tough jobs, safe enough for your home!


Breathe easy in your home with these state-of-the-art air filters that catch and trap allergens, bacteria and viruses – but are also bluetooth enabled to alert you when a change is necessary.  Never worry about changing your filter too late – or too early – again!


A good pressure washer is worth the investment as it blasts away seasonal dirt and grime that can damage your home.  Perfect for use on siding, cement, decks, vehicles, outdoor furniture and more. 


Make those hard-to-reach places in your bathroom look new again.  Don’t let the electric toothbrush-like appearance fool you – this little guy works like an industrial cleaner!


You’re familiar with the name but are you familiar with all of its uses?  Commonly used as a lubricant, WD-40 can also remove grease, gum, super glue and other adhesives from multiple surfaces, drive out moisture from electrical systems, prevent rust, and much, much more.  


High energy bills?  Unwanted wind, water and sound sneaking in through drafty doors and windows can wreak havoc on your home life and have your heating or cooling system working overtime.  Look no further for the right solution:  this easy to apply weather stripping protects your home – and your wallet!


If your home’s gutters drain directly into the ground below, you may be unknowingly putting your home’s foundation under significant risk.  Divert rainwater further away from your home using a downspout to help avoid potentially costly – and dangerous – water damage to your home.


“Already have all of the items? You’re something of a home maintenance professional, yourself. Missing a few? What are you waiting for!
The general value of one’s home is also determined by the surrounding homes and structures so be sure to share this list with your neighbors and loved ones too. By helping them, you’re also helping yourself!”


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By Greg Flanders

As 35-year general contractor, I've seen and used every tool and every job around!

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